As an LGBTQIA+ identified person, it can be unclear who your allies and safe spaces are for you to be your true self. At times you may worry about whether or not you can disclose your identity at all.

In order to help LGBTQIA+ identified students, faculty, and staff navigate these experiences and find support or allies, Lafayette College provides Safe Zone training programs.

The Safe Zone training programs comprise four 50-minute sessions:

  • Introduction to Safe Zone and Understanding Sexual Orientation: A look into gay, lesbian, asexual, and bisexual+ identities
  • Exploring Gender Identity: A focus on sex and gender, and a look into transgender, nonbinary, intersex, and genderqueer identities
  • Allyship and Inclusion: Putting knowledge into practice
  • Action Planning: Working directly with teams on implementing a program or working toward change within the group
Request a Safe Zone training for yourself or your group (e.g., student organization, athletic team, office, or department).