Kaleidoscope is a group of social justice peer educators who encourage student leaders to take an active role in campus education on issues of multiculturalism, equity, and social justice.

What is it?

Kaleidoscope is an organization that encourages Lafayette students to take an active role in promoting intercultural exchange and exploring issues of multiculturalism, equity, and social justice. The program challenges social justice student educators and participants to think critically about their communities.

How does it work?

Kaleidoscope has open meetings on a regular basis to discuss current events and issues related to social justice. Any student on campus can be a part of the organization by showing up regularly for conversations. Faculty and staff are also welcome to attend. Events are posted on the campus calendar. Regular Kaleidoscope discussions are facilitated by Student Coordinators of Peer Education (SCOPES).

In addition to regular discussions, SCOPES are available by request to facilitate dialogue for any group or organization. Residence hall floors, fraternity and sorority houses, student organizations, athletic teams, First Year Seminars, and other groups identify topics that they would like to discuss and request a Kaleidoscope program that is tailored to meet their needs. If a group is unsure what topic would be relevant for its members, there are foundational programs called “Social Justice 101” and “Understanding the Big 8” which are the most popular requests.

What are the learning outcomes?


Through active participation and engagement, SCOPES learn how to:

  • Explain key social justice concepts
  • Critically examine sources of information
  • Design effective presentations
They develop skills in:
  • Intercultural communication
  • Facilitating difficult conversations
  • Becoming allies
For Participants

Through active engagement in a Kaleidoscope presentation, participants are able to:

  • Recall key social justice concepts
  • Give examples of power and privilege in society
  • Outline personal goals for further development of multicultural competence
How are scopes selected?

Each spring semester, the Office of Intercultural Development invites students to apply to become SCOPES. Applicants participate in two rounds of interviews designed to assess their intellectual interests, leadership potential, and level of commitment to advancing social justice.

HOW to apply to kaleidoscope:

Applications for 2024-25 Kaleidoscope Social Justice Peer Educators will be open until April 1, 2024. Apply using this online application form.

Once selected, SCOPES complete a training program at the beginning of each fall semester and participate in ongoing development and training to understand the complexities of a range of diversity issues. They are also trained in facilitation and leadership skills. If you wish to nominate a student for this opportunity, please email Kaleidoscope advisor Alex Hendrickson (hendrica@lafayette.edu).