The Office of Intercultural Development and its partners stand ready to support marginalized groups and to advocate for people from all cultural and religious backgrounds.

One Pard

We are a community and we care about each other. One person stepping up to help another can make a world of difference, and as members of a common community anyone can be the one to make that difference for a fellow Pard.  If you see something you are concerned about, the Lafayette community needs you to intervene and/or report.  Resources to the right provide information about how to talk to someone about whom you are concerned, as well as what Lafayette can do to help.

This form can be submitted by any member of the Lafayette or broader community (students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, etc.).


Bias Support Team

Lafayette offers a Bias Support Team, for those rare and unfortunate situations when a member of the Lafayette community experiences or witnesses an act of bias or hate.  The Bias Response Team is a dedicated team of students, staff, and faculty who will meet to form an appropriate educational response.


Cultural and Social Justice Student Organizations

We want to ensure that people from all backgrounds are fully integrated into the Lafayette environment. There are more than 150 active student organizations, many of which are affirming of the different identities we carry. Learn more about our cultural and social justice oriented student organizations.